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Dear Visitor

Thank you for visiting my website. I am Neeru, a clean energy enthusiast who is passionate about renewables and environmental sustainability, an impact entrepreneur, and an Anesthesiologist.

Earth has never been flatter. We are witnessing huge carbon emissions, and climate change has traversed the existing boundaries. Just like many others I want to leave a world for my kids, which is better than what I inherited. Well, accomplishing this is not just a regional goal but a shared global endeavor and we as a society need a deliberate mindset. We, who live in developed nations, that have bottomless resources, have a responsibility to curb dependency on fossil fuels and adapt to cleaner energy sources.

Having practiced Anesthesia for decades, I have seen how we can get better at understanding the complexity of human physiology and come up with better and more feasible solutions. We, in medicine, have made strides by sharing a common vision - which is the improvement of human health.

My love for environmental sustainability strengthened when I visited the beautiful country of Costa Rica in 2013 over Christmas break. I was pleasantly surprised to see this small nation with huge dreams. It is inspiring to become a model not just for South America, but for rest of the world.

It is fascinating to see how they ration water, conserve forests, promote Eco-tourism, and even make Christmas trees from used soda cans, and newspapers. Overall big promoters of green economy as 99% of their energy comes from renewables, 66% from hydropower alone.

Another observation was on my trek to the Everest base camp. Vegetation got scanty and resources dwindled as the altitude increased. Apart from propane cylinders that yaks carried tirelessly, solar cookers would cook the food for climbers and Sherpas and solar roofs would keep the tea houses warm. How important, renewable clean energy is to our escalating energy needs can not be more evident now in this current scenario of geopolitical imbalance. The current war crisis has been a rude awakening for this generation whose economic growth heavily depends on the energy sector.

The developed world and the developing countries have to come together and strategize how to combat carbon footprint and target Net zero emissions. It is praiseworthy to know that here in US, IRA (Inflation reduction act) will distribute $369 billion of subsidies and tax credits over the course of a decade on renewable energy, and EV, hydrogen hubs, carbon capture, and storage, and more.

Besides sustainability, I have an innate love for traveling, good food, and music. I can relate these to my soul. However, I am also fond of reading and writing. I love to read global economy, policy, energy, finance, sustainability, management and technology. And, when I feel something strongly about, I write.

I am thankful to your time for reading this and visiting my website, which gives a small glimpse of me. I would love to hear from you.

Happy Surfing !